At Alkaline Herbs & More, we value and support other small businesses. As a small boutique ourselves, we know how important it is to get your product in front of an audience. 
So we put on our thinking caps to see how we could showcase more businesses to our customers. Let us introduce you to…. 
A low commitment, low risk, but high reward way for makers and ourselves to work together.

Our Spring/Summer Season Pop Up Plans: 

  • A gorgeous seasonal flip with special designs and the perfect shopping ambiance

  • Monthly 30 Day contracts as well as special event Pop-Ups.

  • Extended hours – Open 7 days a week 1pm-9pm with longer hours meaning more opportunity for customers

  • We will be hosting multiple shopping events throughout the 2024 Spring/Summer season.

What to expect as a Shelf Partner: 

  • Your own 9.5’ x 34” Shelf Space

  • Monthly Rental Period 

  • Up to 5 products, or product variations added to our POS System

  • One Intro Promotional Instagram Post on Alkaline Herbs & More

  • Instagram Page 

  • Two Instagram Stories Highlighting your Products

  • Commitment by our team to be educated on your brand and your products 

  • Exclusivity: we won’t bring in another local maker that sells similar items to you

What we need from You: 

  • A quality printed 4 x 6 sign with your logo and / or info (we will have the frames for consistency in our displays)

  • Quality, damage free items and beautiful packaging

  • Delivery of items to the store in time to promote

  • Commitment for quick restocks as needed 

  • Cross-marketing and promotion – let your customers know that we carry your product 

  • Product Photography

Rental Terms:

  • $150.00 Rental Fee (per shelf) monthly

  • Plus 15% commission on all sales 

A detailed report and payment of sales will be provided monthly.

Additional service enhancements are available for $25 each:

  • Add Your 5 Items to our Online Store at

  • An Instagram Reel Featuring up to 5 of your Products

  • Product Photography (up to three images) Per Item

Your acceptance is based on a variety of criteria including but not limited to:

  • The quality and uniqueness of your work

  • Whether we have something similar already in store

  • The appeal of your branding, marketing and display

*If you are accepted, an official agreement which outlines all terms and conditions will be sent to you. 

Applications Open

Applications will be accepted from April 24, 2024 to November 4, 2024.
You will be contacted ASAP upon submission!